Camboo, design for cambodian sustainable housing design competition, 2013

Cam|Boo, is an answer to Cambodian's housing problem for the poor, aimed to improve the quality of their life.

A sustainable framework is designed based on traditional bamboo detailing, specially adapted to Cambodian weather conditions. In-fill wallframes (2.4x1.2 m) will be made of locally available materials such as Bamboo Matt, Plastic, Bamboo, Wood, Corrugated Steel or Palm leafs, and can be adjusted to own taste en use. The choice of panel may be influenced by local availabillity, cost, light/openness and function (in case of small shop or workspace).

Cam|Boo can be rapidly constructed on-site by utilizing the ready to assemble design or in mass-production. The roof has been raised above the living box to prevent water and sunshine to enter the living space. An extra living space is created by dividing the standardt living volume into two. The extra space/terras gives a luxurious feeling, space differentiation, privacy and offers new activities.