Modern art museum Amsterdam, 2011

tutors : Christian Rapp, Loes Martens
master project : Amsterdam Groot(s)

Amsterdam Groot(s) deals with the future of the large scale buildings in European city centres. I decided to transform the former stockmarket building "Beurs van Berlage" in the centre of Amsterdam to a Modern Art Museum. The true masterpiece designed by H.P. Berlage lost its glory due to its misuse.

Instead of making one standard central museum routing, the idea was to split the building into five museums with different theme galleries and routes so that the visitor can choose the preferred gallery, istead of being forced to walk and see the whole route. Starting and ending point is always the central lobby-gallery.

The former trade rooms have been transformed into gallery spaces, each one with its own size and light conditions. Τhe "back of the house" functions are located in the basement. Furthermore, the program consists of a restaurant, storage rooms, separate entrances, staff rooms, photostudio, library and a giftshop. The design of the lobby facade reflects the mix of the different routes.