Living in jail, 2009

tutors : Hans Sneijders, Haike Apelt
minor : urban design

The idea was to transform the existing cell sections of the former Noordsingel jail complex in Rotterdam, into loft residential complexes for artists. A central lobby was designed for the accessibility of the lofts. Furthermore, ateliers-working spaces where planned for the artists. The green strip along the Noordsingel canal was streched into the one-time jail court, in order to extend the existing green zone and create a public exposition park, where the artists can expose their work.

With a minimalistic and clear approach, as many as possible characeristics of the former jail where kept. By adding some windows on the top facade and on the roof of the cell sections, the lobby and the lofts got the optimal light conditions. Ateliers, where placed behind the former jail walls where windows were put, in order to create a connection between the park-visitors of the exposition and the artists.