Heart of Rotterdam, 2010

tutors : Anne Marie Peters, Sophie Rousseau
project : final bachelor thesis

For the final bachelor's project we designed a hotel/student residence building combined with a conference centre, appartments, cinema, cafes and retail, in the heart of Rotterdam, at Schouwburgplein square.

The idea of the urban scale was to design a building that would give birth to the city's lost heart and renew the quite Schouwburgplein square. The challenge of this multifunctional project was to design 150 permanent hotel rooms and 350 student rooms transformable into hotel rooms during the summer.

The goal was to design a central open lobby called "the heart", connected with as many as possible spaces, where all the various users could meet each other. A dynamic/variational facade concept reflects the diversity of the different users and functions. It consists of various window patterns based on different aspects such as maximum light, noise buffering, view quality and interior function needs.