Graduation project: Ευζην

tutors : Juliette Bekkering, Sjef van Hoof
project : final master thesis

This graduation project proposes a mixed used building for the Stvanice island, near the centre of Prague, Czech Republic. The ευ ζην (well-being) of the ancient Greeks refers to the way of life that aims to improve the quality of human life in all areas.

Located in a forgotten fringe zone, which is redesigned as a recreational landscape of water and nature, the building strikes dominantly and rules its surroundings within a single gesture. The strong connection between water and well-being guided the programme of the building which houses a public bathhouse and an aquaphobia rehabilitation centre, two contradicting functions which are being opposed. The goal was to design a challenging and constantly provocative environment between the love and the hate for water with various users, constantly interacting with each other. By superimposing four layers, the public bathhouse, the aquaphobia rehabilitation centre, the existing negrelliho railway bridge and a strict grid as a connecting factor, the building offers unique moments and meeting points.