The façade, 2012

tutors : Christian Rapp, Haike Apelt
course : seminar

The course was about redesigning the façade of Noordster tower in Antwerp, Belgium. Aspects like the maintainance of the existing grid of the load-bearing structure and the use of basic principles of tectonics where of major importance.

The building's volume was divided in three parts in a subtile way so that it would not loose its massiveness and solidity. A standard sized window was designed without exceeding the limits of the existing grid. Three similar window types, were the result of variating the standard window.

These three types were applied in an abstract way to the body of the tower, while the base was formed with a longer version of the standard window. While the crown height changes, it affects the face and the proportions of the tower in all four facades adding a more dynamic experience to the whole. Traditional brick, and wooden frames where applied in order to fit the surrounding housing and park.